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It is 1994 and Benjamin Bone, depressed, out of work, his marriage over, needs to get back on track.

He is interviewed for a job with an American oil company soon to drill a multi-million dollar well in a remote wadi cut into the Yemeni plateau. And he knows he's the perfect candidate.

Until he knows too much.

Framed for murder and on the run his one hope for salvation is in Yemen, a divided country on the verge of civil war. Only Natalya Cheung, a Singaporean travel agent, can get him there but when he lies to her she wants nothing more to do with him.

Isolated, confused and embroiled in a web of corporate crime and ruthless politicians hungry for power, Benjamin is in a fight for his life.

Can he find out what is really going on out in the desert?

Before they find him.

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The Stream lost in the sand Amazon Author Page

Benjamin Bone arrives with Natalya in Singapore, the city state where she was born. On the way from the airport, aircon full on, a tropical storm imminent, their hire car is trapped in the middle of a crowded road junction.

A vehicle hurtles into them, a pedestrian dies, and Benjamin finds himself in all kinds of trouble.

Meanwhile a frail old woman lies dead in an apartment block known as Tower Nine. Bullied policewoman Kyra Abuja, along with her green young partner Wei, are sent to investigate.

It looks to be a natural death but Tower Nine is deserted, soon to be sold, and the woman's husband is nowhere to be found. Then, as Kyra's suspicions mount, she is warned off the case.

How are Benjamin and Natalya linked to the dead old woman? What is Tower Nine's toxic secret? And who is the mysterious refugee from Mao's China with a violent past?

Kyra and Benjamin need answers. And fast, or it will be too late for all of them.

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A Tower nine stories high

From geologist and author Michael R Smith, novels featuring Benjamin Bone, a discontented man caught up in historic geopolitical events

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