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No significant news in 2024.


Nov 2023: Shell (operator, 60%) and Kufpec (40%) drilled the first well in a 3-well exploration campaign in the North East El-Amriya block in the offshore Nile Delta. Mina West-1 is a gas discovery at a water depth of around 250m.

Sep 2023: The petroleum ministry launched a bid round for exploration in 23 open blocks. The deadline is February 2025. The round includes 10 areas in the Western Desert, 2 in the Eastern Desert, 7 in the Gulf of Suez and 4 in the Red Sea.

Aug 2023: Cheiron (operator, 60%) and Kufpec (40%) made the GNN-11 oil discovery in the Geisum and Tawila West concession in the Southern Gulf of Suez drilled from the GNN Early Production Facility (EPF) into a fault block east of GNN field. Gross oil production from the concession has reached 23,000 bbls of oil per day.

Aug 2023: IPR Energy Group (100%) discovered oil in the Alamein 48-K well in the Alamein-Yidma concession, western desert. The well will be completed with an ESP and immediately put onstream through existing Alamein-Yidma infrastructure.

May 2023: IPR Energy Group discovered oil in the North Beni Suef (NBS) exploration concession in Egypt. The NBS-1X well encountered multiple pay zones in the Abu Roash G formation and will continue to be evaluated for an early production facility.

Mar 2023: Cheiron Energy (operator, 60%) and Kufpec (40%) announced that the Early Production Facility for the GNN oil field in the Gulf of Suez has been brought on stream. GNN is in the Geisum and Tawila West Concession. The EPF will include 7 wells, a conductor support platform, a MOPU and a pipeline tied to the Geisum Star complex.

Mar 2023: Energean (100%) reports that first gas has been delivered at the North El Amriya (Yazzi and Python) and North Idku (4 fields) known as NEA/NI offshore areas. The NEA#6 well is onstream and the remaining three wells will be brought online in 2023 as subsea tiebacks to the North Abu Qir PIII platform.

Jan 2023: Chevron (operator, 45%), Eni (45%) and Tharwa Petroleum (10%) have made a gas discovery at the Nargis-1 well in the Nargis Offshore Area Concession. The well encountered 61 m of Miocene and Oligocene gas bearing sandstones in 309 m of water.

Jan 2023: Wintershall Dea (operator, 40%), Cheiron Energy (40%) and INA (20%) discovered gas at the ED-2X exploration well in the East Damanhour exploration block in the onshore Nile Delta. It is a possible tie-back development to the nearby infrastructure at the Disouq field. Wintershall Dea started exploration at East Damanhour in November 2021.

Jan 2023: The country has launched a new international tender for oil and gas exploration rights in the Nile Delta and Mediterranean Sea. The tender comprises 12 blocks, split between offshore and onshore, and the deadline for bids is April 30 2023.


Jun 2022: SDX Energy announced a gas discovery at the MA-1X well that targeted the Mohsen prospect within the Exploration Extension Area of South Disouq. It is the 3rd and final well of the 2022 South Disouq drilling campaign and will be completed and tested.

Apr 2022: Eni, through AGIBA, a JV between Eni and EGPC, announced new oil and gas discoveries in the Meleiha concessions in the Western Desert that already provide 8,500 bbls of oil equivalent per day. They are the Nada E Deep 1X well, the Meleiha SE Deep 1X well, and the Emry Deep 21 well.

Jan 2022: SDX Energy (operator, 50%) announced the spudding of the MSD-25 infill well on the Meseda field, the 2nd in a 12 well development campaign on the Meseda and Rabul fields in the West Gharib concession. The drilling is aimed at growing production to over 3,500 bbls of oil per day by 2023..


Oct 2021: Eni (Agiba) announced new discoveries in the Meleiha and South West Meleiha concessions in the Western Desert. The Jasmine W-1X and MWD-21 wells in Meleiha, and the SWM-4X well in South West Meleiha, have added over 6,000 bbls per day of potential production which will rapidly be brought onstream.

Apr 2021: BP (operator, 82.75%) and Wintershall DEA (15.75%) announced first gas from the Raven field, the 3rd stage of its West Nile Delta (WND) development. The US$9 bn WND project includes 5 gas fields across the North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater offshore concessions. Raven follows the Taurus/Libra and Giza/Fayoum projects, which started production in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Feb 2021: Eni reports that the first LNG cargo from the Damietta LNG plant has been produced and lifted. This is the first by the terminal since it was shut down in 2012.

Feb 2021: Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Egyptian Natural Gas (EGAS) have started a bid round for 24 blocks. The round, which concludes on August 1st 2021, includes 9 blocks in the Mediterranean Sea, 12 in the Western Desert and three in the Gulf of Suez.

Jan 2021: Energean has taken the FID on the North El Amriya and North Idkunea (NEA/NI) concession subsea tieback project. NEA contains the Yazzi and Python gas fields and NI contains 4 other gas fields. NEA/NI is due to deliver first gas in 2H 2022 with total capex estimated at US$235mm.

Jan 2021: Eni (operator, 38%), Lukoil (12%) and EGPC (50%) announced an oil discovery in the Arcadia South well in the Meleiha Concession, Western Desert. The discovery is near the Arcadia field already in production in Cretaceous sandstones. It has already been tied-in and 2 further development wells have been drilled adding 10,000 bbls of oil per day.


Oct 2020: BP (100%) announced the start of gas production from the Qattameya gas field in the North Damietta concession in 108m of water. It has been developed ‎through a one-well subsea development and tie-back to the Ha’py and Tuart field ‎development via a new 50km pipeline.

Sep 2020: Petrobel (ENI and IEOC, operator, 75%) and BP (25%) have made a gas discovery (Nidoco NW-1) in the Great Nooros Area (Abu Madi West Development Lease) of the Nile Delta, 4 kms north of the Nooros Field. The water depth is 16m. The gas was tested in the Pliocene Kafr-El-Sheik formation and the Messinian Abu Madi formation.

Jul 2020: Eni announced successful drilling of the SWM-A-6X well in the South West Meleiha concession located in the Western Desert. It is already connected to the production network. Production from SW Meleiha began in July 2019 and has ramped up to 12,000 bbls per day.  

Jul 2020: Eni (operator), BP and Total have drilled the 1st well in the North El Hammad license in 22m of water of the Nile Delta. Bashrush-1 discovered a 152m gas/condensate column within Abu Maadi sandstones 1 km west of the Baltim South West field, part of the Great Nooros Area. Another well (Nidoco NW-1 DIR) is planned this year in the Abu Maadi West concession.

Jun 2020: PICO GoS (operator, 60%) and Kufpec (60%) flowed oil from well GNN-4 in the Geisum Concession in the southern Gulf of Suez. It is the 1st appraisal well in the early production and Nukhul reservoir appraisal drilling program for the GNN (Nukhul) oil discovery made in July 2019.

Apr 2020: SDX Energy (operator, 100%) discovered gas at the SD-12X (Sobhi)  well in the South Disouq Permit onshore Nile Delta. It encountered 33m net gas-bearing sands in the Kafr El Sheikh (KES) formation and will be tied to Ibn Yunus where a flow-line connects to South Disouq CPF.


Dec 2019: SDX Energy (operator, 55%) has achieved its targeted plateau production rate of 0.52 bcm a year from the South Disouq concession. Gas flows through the CPFfrom 4 wells. A South Disouq development drilling campaign will commence in Q1 2020.

Sep 2019: Eni and BP report that the Baltim South West offshore gas field in the Great Nooros area has begun production. Located 12 kms off the coast in the Baltim South development lease, the field was discovered in 2016 The platform links to the onshore Abu Madi Gas Plant via a 44 km 26 inch pipeline.

Aug 2019: Production from the Zohr gas field totalled 11.3 bcm during the first half of 2019, 3.6 times more than in the same period in 2018.The field has 11 wells, 3 offshore pipelines, a management platform and an 8-train gas treatment plant. Zohr came onstream in December 2017.

Mar 2019: Eni (operator, 40%), with BP (25%), Mubadala Petroleum (20%) and Tharwa Petroleum (15%), has made a gas discovery at the Nour-1 well in the Nour North Sinai Concession, in the Mediterranean Sea north of the Sinai peninsula. The well was drilled in a water depth of 295m and found a 90m gas column in the Oligocene Tineh formation.

Mar 2019: The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources launched the Offshore Red Sea International Bid Round 2019 (10 blocks). South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Co. (Ganope) manages petroleum activities in the Red Sea. Closing date for bids is August 2019.

Feb 2019: BP (operator, 82.75%) announced first gas from the 2nd stage of its offshore West Nile Delta development producing gas from 8 wells in the Giza and Fayoum fields via a tie-back to onshore. The development includes 5 fields in the North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater blocks. Stage 1 started in 2017 from the first 2 fields, Taurus and Libra. The 3rd stage will produce the Raven field in late 2019.


Sep 2018: Eni with EGPC (joint operating company Petrobel, 50%) announced the Zohr field is producing 20 bcm a year after start-up of the fifth production unit (T4) with 8 producers and a new pipeline. Plateau production at over 28 bcm a year is planned by 2020. The Zohr field lies in the offshore Shorouk Block. Partners are Rosneft (30%), BP (10%) and Mubadala (10%).

Aug 2018: Eni (Agiba, 100%) announced a gas discovery in the Faramid South well in the East Obayed Concession, 30 kms NW of the Meleiha Concession. The well encountered gas bearing layers in the Kathabta sandstones of Jurassic age within the Western Desert Basin.

May 2018: Egypt will launch 2 bid rounds in 2018 announced the Petroleum Ministry. One large round will cover 16 sectors under EGAS and the other will cover 11 sectors under EGPC.

May 2018: Eni announced the start-up of the third production unit (T-2) of the Zohr project, increasing installed capacity to 12.4 bcm a year. Zohr is producing 11.4 bcm per year in ramp-up a few months after the field’s start-up in December 2017. A production level of 20 bcm a year by end 2018, and a plateau of 30 bcm a year in 2019 is planned.

Apr 2018: Eni through Petrobel (operator, 60%) started up the 2nd production unit (T-1) of the Zohr project in the Shorouk Block in the Mediterranean Sea, increasing capacity to 8 bcm a year. Ramp-up will continue, reaching a capacity plateau of 27 bcm in 2019. Zohr started production in December 2017. Partners are Rosneft (30%) and BP (10%).

Apr 2018: Egypt will auction up to 11 exploration blocks in the Mediterranean and aims to auction oil and gas drilling in the Red Sea by the end of 2018. The country also hopes to speed up production from recently discovered fields.

Apr 2018: SDX Energy (operator, 55%) announced a gas discovery at the Ibn Yunus-1X exploration well in the South Disouq Block, onshore the Nile Delta. The encountered gas in the Abu Madi horizonand will be completed as a producer then tested and connected to the infrastructure at the original SDX discovery where production start-up is anticipated in the second half of 2018.

Mar 2018: The offshore Nooros gas field, operated by ENI (75%) with BP (25%) reached a production rate of 11 bcm a year following start-up of the NW-7 well, the 13th in the field. Nooros was discovered in in the Nile Delta and put into production in record time. In 2019 it will be tied back to the El Gamil onshore treatment plant along with the Baltim SW field.

Feb 2017: BP announced the start of gas and condensate production from the offshore Atoll Phase One project in the North Damietta concession in the East Nile Delta. Phase One is an EPS costing almost US$1 bn including recompletion of the original exploration well and drilling of 2 production wells. Production is exported to the onshore West Harbor gas processing plant.


Dec 2017: The Zohr gas field in the Shorouk Block has started production with gas pumped to a facility in Port Said.

Nov 2017: Egypt will stop importing LNG in 2018 after it starts producing at the Zohr field, which will mostly supply the domestic gas market. The 2 existing LNG plants will process any available surplus. Egypt exported gas until 2014 and should resume exports in 2019.

May 2017: BP has started gas production from 9 wells in the first 2 fields (Taurus and Libra), of the West Nile Delta project. West Nile includes 5 gas fields in the North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater blocks. When fully onstream in 2019 production, which will be fed into the national gas grid, will reach 14 bcm a year plus condensate.

Mar 2017: BP (operator, 100%) has made a gas discovery in the Qattameya Shallow-1 exploration well within the North Damietta Offshore Concession of the East Nile Delta. The water depth is 108m.

Mar 2017: ENI reports that the Zohr deep water gas field will start production in December. Zohr was discovered in August 2015 and could hold 5.5 bn bbls of oil equivalent.


Dec 2016: The Ministry of Petroleum accepted 6 bids for oil and gas exploration blocks from a tender for 11 blocks in the Western Desert and Gulf of Suez. Shell, BP, Apache and Apex International are among the companies to be awarded who will spend a total of around US$200 mm.

Sep 2016: Eni has drilled a 5th well, Zohr 5x, on the Zohr field  in 1,538 m of water in the Shorouk Block, 12 kms southwest of the discovery well. It confirms a resource estimate of 850 bcm. A sixth well is planned in 2016. Petrobel is operator on behalf of Petroshorouk, an equal joint venture between Eni (IEOC) and the state company Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company.

Aug 2016: Shell announced new discoveries in the north Alam El-Shawish concession area of the western desert. The discovery could produce up to 15% of total production of Badr el-Din Petroleum company; a joint venture between Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Shell.

Aug 2016: Egypt has signed an agreement with Cyprus over gas. Under the deal, gas from the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone would be transported to a landing point in Egypt’s Exclusive Economic Zone or onshore for domestic consumption or re-export. An MOU to increase cooperation in the development of the Aphrodite gas field discovered in 2011 in block 12 was signed in 2015.

Jun 2016: BP (operator, 100%) and EGAS announced sanction of the Atoll Phase One project; an early production scheme that will bring up to 3.1 bcm a year of gas plus condensate to the market from 2018. Onshore processing will be handled by the existing West Harbour gas processing facilities. Recompletion of the exploration well and drilling of two additional wells will be carried out.

Jun 2016: Petrobel (operator 50% - a joint venture between Eni (IEOC) and EGPC) and BP (50%) have made a significant gas discovery at the Baltim South West-1X well in 25m of water in the Baltim South license, offshore Nile Delta. It is 10 kms north of the Nooros field, discovered in 2015 and already producing gas. The discovery confirms the potential of the Great Nooros Area.

Apr 2016: Egypt plans to launch a new oil exploration round offering 11 blocks in the Western desert and Gulf of Suez. It also plans to launch two gas exploration rounds in 2016.

Feb 2016: Eni has completed the authorization process for the development of the Zohr gas field. The development plan envisages the start of production by the end of 2017. The field could hold 900 bcm of gas in place and is the largest gas discovery ever made in Egypt.


Oct 2015: Eni announced success in the Nidoco NW 3 well (drilled from onshore); an appraisal of the Nidoco NW 2 Dir discovery, in the Nooros  prospect within the Abu Madi West licence in the Nile Delta. Discovered in July, it was put into production after just 2 months with products sent to the Abu Madi treatment plant.

Oct 2015: EGAS has awarded 4 new licences off its Mediterranean coast to BP, Edison, a BP/ENI consortium (North Ras El Esh) and an ENI/BP/Total consortium (North El Hammad). The work programs include seismic and 8 exploration wells. The country will also launch a new bidding round in the first half of 2016.

Aug 2015: Eni (operator, 100%) has made a  giant gas discovery at its Zohr 1X well in the Shorouk Block, Mediterranean Sea, in 1,450m of water. The discovery could hold up to 850 bcm of gas.

May 2015: Shell and Apache will start shale gas production from the Apollonia field in the Western Desert in 2016. Two wells will be linked to the national network.

Apr 2015: Apache reported successful development drilling (5 wells) on the Berenice and Ptah fields in the Faghur Basin (Western desert, Khalda Offset Concession) following on from oil and gas discoveries at the nearby Shu-1X, Apries-1X, Bat-1X and Geb-1X wells. Apache plans to increase production from these two fields to 17,500 bbls per day by mid 2015.

Mar 2015: BP has made a second gas and condensate discovery in the North Damietta Concession. The Atoll-1 exploration well in 923m of water in the East Nile Delta, 80 kms north of Damietta, is the country's deepest well ever drilled. Production of 42 bcm of gas and 31 mmbbls of condensate could begin in 2019 if fast-tracked.

Mar 2015: BP (operator) has agreement for the West Nile Delta (WND) project to develop 142 bcm of gas and 55 mm bbls of condensate with US$12 bn. Production will be up to 12 bcm a year starting in 2017 from the North Alexandria and West Mediterranean concessions. Taurus/Libra fields will be tied-in to Burullus facilities. Giza/Fayoum/Raven fields will be tie-backs to shore.

Jan 2015: Mena International Petroleum (100%) has announced the start of field development at the Lagia heavy oil field in Sinai. This includes hydraulic stimulation of the Lagia 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 wells with thermal recovery. Production of 350 bbls of oil per day is planned followed by 5 additional wells to be drilled in the middle of the year.

Jan 2015: Six oil and gas exploration contracts have been signed with foreign and Egyptian companies requiring the drilling of 41 wells in the western desert and Gulf of Suez. Among them are Shell, ENI, BP and TransGlobe Energy. The country has repaid US$2.1 bn of debt to foreign firms to restore confidence but it still owes US$3.1 bn.


Dec 2014: Egypt has signed its first contract to extract gas by hydraulic fracturing with Apache and Shell. The project, initially involving drilling 3 wells in the Abu al-Ghardeeq region of the Western Desert, will require horizontal drilling.

Nov 2014: BP has been awarded 2 blocks in the 2013 EGAS bid round. Block 3 (North El Mataria) is  onshore in the NE of the Nile Delta cone. BP (operator, 50%) will partner Dana Gas (50%). Block 8 (Karawan Offshore) is in the NE Mediterranean and will be operated by ENI (50%). Three exploration wells  will be drilled in each block over 8 years.

Sep 2014: Dana Gas has been awarded the North El Salhiya (Block 1, 100%) and El Matariya (Block 3, 50% with BP) onshore concessions in the Nile Delta in the 2014 EGAS bidding round.

Sep 2014: Eni was the successful bidder for 3 exploration licenses in the 2013 EGPC and EGAS bid rounds - 100% in the onshore South-West Melehia block in the Western Desert, 100% in Block 9 (North Leil Offshore) and 50%, with BP, in Block 8 (Karawan Offshore), both located water depths over 2000m in the Mediterranean near the boundary with Cyprus.

Aug 2014: The DEKA (Denis Karawan) project in the Temsah Concession in the offshore Nile Delta has come onstream. IEOC (ENI) (50%) is operator along with BP (50%). The Denise South 6 well in 100m of water is producing 0.66 bcm a year with condensates at 800 bbls per day. The project will include 5 subsea wells and a pipeline to the El Gamil Gas Plant. Peak production is expected in 2015 at 2.4 bcm a year.

Jun 2014: Production from BP's US$10 bn gas project in its North Alexandria concession, which has been stalled for 3 years, will begin in 2017. Initially reaching 4.5 bcm, it will rise to over 8 bcm after 2018. Egypt now requires gas imports over the next 4 to 5 years to avoid power continued outages.

Feb 2014: The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has signed exploration agreements with 3 companies this week, expected to attract a US$265mm investment. The 3 companies, Petroceltic, Dana Gas and Edison will drill a minimum of 8 exploration wells in the Mediterranean sea, the Gulf of Suez and the Nile Delta.


Dec 2013: EGPC announced an auction of 22 PSC concessions in the Suez Canal, the western desert, the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile Delta. The auction will end on May 19 2014. Egypt also signed 2 new exploration agreements with Dana, who produce 12,000 bbls of oil per day from 17 development leases and, earlier approved 7 agreements with firms including BP and Peroceltic.

Sep 2013: RWE Dea has produced first gas from the Disouq concession in the Kafr el Sheikh Governerate of the Nile Delta. The project encompasses development of 7 fields and production is expected to reach  around 4 mm cubic metres per day by mid 2014. It is planned to produce 11.4 bcm of gas in the first 2 project phases. RWE Dea holds 100% of the concession, awarded in 2004.

Sep 2013: BP, operator with 100%, has announced a significant gas and condensate discovery. Salamat, in the East Nile Delta, is the first well in the North Damietta Offshore concession granted in Feb 2010. The well was drilled using the semi-sub Maersk Discoverer in a water depth of 649m. Tie-back options to the nearby Temsah field are currently being evaluated.

Jul 2013: Apache has reported 7 new oil and gas discoveries in various basins across the Western Desert including the Riviera SW-1X well, already onstream in the WD 30 Development Lease in the Abu Gharadig Basin and the Narmer-1X well, near the Neilos field, an emerging Paleozoic play in the Khalda Offset Concession.

Jun 2013: Dana Gas has announced a new gas and condensate discovery on the West El Manzala concession in the Nile Delta. Begonia-1 encountered 15 m of net pay in a sandstone reservoir of the Lower Abu Madi Formation. It will be tied into the South Abu El Naga field pipeline taking gas to the El Wastani processing plant. Begonia-1 is the 25th discovery by Dana since 2007 and the company is now producing 1.75 bcm of gas a year and 4,000 bbls per day of condensate.

May 2013: Apache has announced 3 discovery wells in the Western Desert in 3 different basins. The company operates on average 26 rotary rigs in Egypt. The discoveries are NRQ 3151-1X (oil and gas) in the Alamein Basin, North Ras Qattara Concession; SIWA L-1X (oil and gas) in the Faghur Basin, Siwa Concession; and NTRK-G-1X (gas/condensate) in the Matruh Basin, North Tarek Concession.

Apr 2013: Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company has awarded 8 licences in the Mediterranean Sea to BP, Petroceltic, ENI, Edison, IEOC, Sea Dragon Energy, Dana Gas and Pura Vida Energy. The winning companies will drill a minimum of 18 wells and spend US$1.2bn.

Mar 2013: Apache has discovered oil and gas at Amoun NE on the north flank of the Khalda Ridge. The close proximity to production facilities is expected to enable quick startup of production. Apache plans to drill 3 development wells and 2 nearby exploration wells as well as several additional prospects on the southern flank of Khalda Ridge in 2013. Apache also reported success at the WD 33 Development Lease in the Abu Gharadig Basin. The company plans to drill 270 wells in Egypt in 2013, including 60 exploration wells.

Jan 2013: Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Co. (Ganope) has launched Egypt’s international 2012 bid round 1. This includes 20 exploration blocks, including blocks 14 and 15 in the Red Sea and blocks 16 to 20 in the Gulf of Suez. The closing date for applications is May 30, 2013.


Aug 2012: BP announced the discovery of gas in the Taurt North and Seth South fields in the North El Burg offshore concession, Nile Delta. Satis and Salmon were previous discoveries made by BP in this concession. The Scarabeo 4 semi-submersible drilled the wells in water depths of 110m and 78m, respectively. The plan is to tie both discoveries to nearby infrastructure.

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