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No significant news in 2024.


Dec 2023: Angola announced it is leaving OPEC after joining the cartel in 2006 and failing to meet production targets.


Nov 2022: ExxonMobil (operator, 36%), BP (24%), ENI (18%), Equinor (12%) and Sonangol (10%) along with Block 15 concessionaire (ANPG) announced an oil discovery at the Bavuca South-1 well in 1,100m of water. It is the 18th discovery in Block 15 and the 1st in nearly 20 years. The Bavuca South-1 well is part of the Block 15 redevelopment project.

Jul 2022: TotalEnergies has launched the US$850 mm Begonia oil project on block 17/06. The development comprises 5 wells tied back to the Pazflor FPSO in block 17. Start-up is expected in late 2024 add 30,000 bbls per day to the FPSO's production.

Jul 2022: Eni (operator, 25.6%), Chevron (31%), Sonangol (19.8%), BP (11.8%), and TotalEnergies (11.8%) completed negotiations with ANPG to start up the New Gas Consortium (NGC) involving development of the country’s 1st non-associated gas project (Quiluma and Maboqueiro - Q&M fields). The project includes 2 WH platforms, onshore gas processing and connection to the Angola LNG plant. First gas is planned for 2026.

Jun 2022: TotalEnergies, with Equinor, ExxonMobil, BP and Sonangol, made an FID on the US$850 mm project Phase 3 development of the CLOV complex in Block 17. This phase will reach a peak of 30,000 bbls per day to sustain production from the CLOV field. It comprises 5 wells in water depths from 1,100 and 1,400m with 1st production in 2024. CLOV Phase 2 came onstream in December 2021.

Mar 2022: BP and Eni have signed an agreement to form a new 50/50 independent company through the combination of their Angolan businesses. The new company will be named Azule Energy and will be Angola’s largest producer.

Feb 2022: Eni (operator, 36.84%), Sonangol Pesquisa e Produção (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%) started production from the Ndungu Early Production development project in Block 15/06 via the Ngoma FPSO. The Early Production project will have a rate around 20,000 bbls of oil per day. Delineation will be performed in 2022 to assess the full potential of Ndungu.


Dec 2021: TotalEnergies (operator, 38%), Equinor (22.16%), ExxonMobil (19%), BP (15.84%) and Sonangol (5%) started production at the CLOV Phase 2 project in Block 17 in water depths from 1,100 to 1,400m. It is planned to reach 40,000 bblsoe per day by mid-2022. Four FPSOs are in the block, Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor, and CLOV which started production in 2014.

Nov 2021: BP (operator, 48%), Sinopec (37.72%) and Sonangol (16.28%) started production from the Platina field in Block 18. The Galio, Cromio, Cobalto, Paladio, and Plutonio fields came onstream in 2007 feeding into the Greater Plutonio FPSO to which Platina is linked. The Platina field is expected to produce 30,000 bbls of oil per day at peak.

Sep 2021: Eni (operator, 36.84%), Sonangol (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%) started production from the Cabaça North development project, in Block 15/06 using the Armada Olombendo FPSO. Peak production of 15,000 bbls per day is planned.

Aug 2021: Eni started early production at the Cuica field in Block 15/06 via the Armada Olombendo FPSO. The field was discovered in March 2021 in a water depth of nearly 500m. The Olombendo also tied into the Cabaca North, Cabaca Southeast and UM8 fields.

May 2021: Total (operator) started production from the 65mm bbl Zinia Phase 2 short-cycle project in block 17. The development includes 9 wells for tieback to the FPSO Pazflor, and should deliver 40,000 bbls per day by mid-2022 in water depths from 600-1,200 m.

Apr 2021: Eni (operator, 36.8421%, Sonangol (36.8421%) and SSI Fifteen (26.3158%) made a new light oil discovery in Block 15/06 on the Cuica prospect in the Cabaça Development Area. It will start production in 2021 through a fast-track tie-in to the Armada Olombendo FPSO (East Hub). Cuica-1 was a deviated well drilled by the Libongos drillship in a water depth of 500m.


Aug 2020: Total has resumed oil drilling offshore after COVID-19 with the Skyros rig while 2 rigs more are expected to start operations. The company is also pursuing sanctioned projects Zinia Phase 2 and Clov Phase 2 in Block 17 and Caril and Mostarda East in Block 32 and studying development of the Begonia and Chissonga fields.

May 2020: The Angola National Agency of Oil, Gas, and Biofuels (ANPG) announced that a Data Package covering blocks in the onshore Lower Congo Basin (CON1, CON5 and CON6) and Kwanza Basin (KON5, KON6, KON8, KON9, KON17 and KON20) is available. However, due to COVID-19, there will be delays in completing the 2020 Bidding Process.

Jan 2020: Eni (operator, 36.8421%), Sonangol (36.8421%), and SSI Fifteen (26.3158%) started oil production from the Agogo field in Block 15/06 in 1636m of water. Discovered in March 2019, Agogo is a 20 km subsea tieback to the N’Goma FPSO (West Hub). Eni also operates the Olombendo FPSO (East Hub).

Jan 2020: Eni and Total won rights to develop 2 offshore blocks (28 and 29 respectively) out of 10 auctioned in 2019 in the Namibe basin. Sonangol, Equinor and BP are partners. Sonangol also won a 35% interest in Block 27 but the remaining 65% is still on offer.


Jul 2019: Eni (operator, 36.8421%) drilled the Agogo-2 appraisal well in Block 15/06 confirming 650 mm bbls of oil in place in a water depth of 1,700m. The well encountered 58m of light oil in Miocene and Oligocene sandstones. Production from Agogo is planned before the end of 2019 with a subsea tie back to the N’Goma FPSO.

Jun 2019: Eni has made a 5th oil discovery in Block 15/06 with the Agidigbo-1 well in 275m of water. An appraisal campaign is planned for 2020. The 5 discoveries are estimated to contain up to 1.8 bn bbls of oil in place.

May 2019: Eni (operator, 36.8421%), Sonangol P&P (36.8421%) and SSI Fifteen (26.3158%) made a new oil discovery in Block 15/06 in the Ndungu-1 well. It is the 4th commercial discovery since the joint venture re-launched its exploration campaign in mid-2018 now estimated to contain 1.4 bn bbls of oil in place.

Apr 2019: An auction of 9 blocks is due in 2019 in the Namibe basin. These are amongst 55 blocks expected to be available through to 2025. The government is also offering tax concessions for companies developing smaller fields and is selling parts of Sonangol EP.

Apr 2019: Total (operator, 30%), with Sonangol (30%), Sinopec (20%) Esso (15%) and Galp (5%), started production from the Kaombo Sul FPSO in Block 32, in water depths up to 2,000m. This doubles capacity to 230,000 bbls of oil per day with gas exported to the Angola LNG plant. The development consists of 59 wells in 6 fields. Gengibre, Gindungo and Caril are connected to Kaombo Norte and Mostarda, Canela and Louro are connected to Kaombo Sul.

Mar 2019: Eni (operator, 36.8421%), Sonangol P&P (36.8421%) and SSI Fifteen (26.3158%) have made a large oil discovery in the Agogo-1 well in Block 15/06, 20 kms west of the N’Goma FPSO (West Hub) in a water depth of 1,636m. A single oil column with 120m of net pay within a sub salt diapir in Lower Miocene sandstones was encountered.


Dec 2018: Eni has discovered light oil in the Afoxé-1 exploration well in the south-east of offshore Block 15/06 in 780m of water. The Kalimba discovery is nearby. Eni is planning to drill four exploration wells in Block 15/06 during 2019.

Dec 2018: Eni (operator, 36.84%) has started production from the Vandumbu Field in Block 15/06 through the West Hub N’Goma FPSO. Total production from the hub of 170,000 bbls of oil per day is planned. Partners are Sonangol (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%).

Nov 2018: Total (operator, 40%) announced planned developments of satellite fields on Block 17 during inauguration of the Block 32 Kaomba project. CLOV Phase 2 requires wells expected to come onstream in 2020 with a production plateau of 40,000 bbls per day and Dalia Phase 3 requires 6 wells expected to come on stream in 2021 with a production plateau of 30,000 bbls per day.

Aug 2018: The Government will launch a new agency to handle oil concessions hoping to reverse a decline in oil output. From 2019 the National Agency of Petroleum and Gas will manage and sell blocks to reduce the power of Sonangol. It will be fully operational by the end of 2020.

Jul 2018: Total (operator), Sonangol, Esso and Galp have started production at the 650 mm bbl Kaombo project in Block 32. The Kaombo Norte FPSO was brought onstream and will produce 115,000 bbls of oil per day. The Kaombo Sul FPSO will start up in 2019 and production will reach 230,000 bbls of oil per day at peak. Associated gas will be exported to the Angola LNG plant.

Jun 2018: Eni (operator, 36.8421%) with Sonangol (36.8421%) and SSI Fifteen (26.3158%) made an oil discovery in Block 15/06 at the Kalimba well, 50 kms southeast of the Armada Olombendo FPSO in Upper Miocene sandstones in a water depth of 458m. Start-ups in Block 15/06 in 2018 will be the Upper Miocene in the East Hub and the subsea boosting system for the Mpungi Field.

May 2018: Total (operator, 40%) with Equinor (23.33%), ExxonMobil (20%) and BP (16.67%) have taken the FID to launch the Zinia 2 deep offshore development in Block 17. The project will have a production capacity of 40,000 bbls per day from 9 wells tied back to the Pazflor FPSO. Total has 4 FPSOs in Angola, Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor and CLOV.

Mar 2018: Eni has commenced oil production from the deep offshore Ochigufu field in Block 15/06, adding 25,000 bbls per day to production levels. Eni confirmed that the start-up of the UM8 reservoir in the East Hub and the subsea boosting system for the Mpungi field are expected in 2018 whilst the Vandumbu field in the West Hub will start production in early 2019.

Mar 2018: The US$16bn development of the Kaombo oil block will produce its first oil in mid-2018 after the Kaombo Norte FPSO vessel left Singapore. It can deliver 115,000 bbls per day, half the oil block’s eventual production. Another FPSO, Kaombo Sul, is still in Singapore.


Nov 2017: Eni will bring online the Ochigufu and Vandumbu fields, part of the West Hub project, in 2018 and 2019, respectively, adding 54,000 bbls per day to current production. The project has been producing oil since 2014 from the Sangos, Cinguvu, Mpungi and Mpungi North fields.

Mar 2017: Chevron announced start of oil and gas production from the main facility of the Mafumeira Sul offshore project in Block 0A. It has a design capacity of 150,000 bbls of liquids and 3.6 bcm of gas per year. Early production commenced in 2016 through a temporary production system. CABGOC is operator with 39.2% along with partners Sonangol (41%), Total (10%) and ENI (9.8%).

Feb 2017: Eni started production at the East Hub Development Project (Cabaca South East field) in Block 15/06 through the Armada Olombendo FPSO in 450m of water. It has 9 wells and 4 manifolds. Two more fields are expected to start before the end of 2018. Block 15/06 is operated by Eni (36.84%) with Sonangol (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%).


Oct 2016: Sonangol, Cabinda Gulf, Total, and Eni announced start-up of the Early Production System (EPS) in the South Wellhead Platform of the Mafumeira Sul project in 60m of water in Block 0, Cabinda. The EPS will operate with a maximum production capacity of 10,000 bbls per day.

Oct 2016:Eni (operator, 36.84%) named its FPSO, Armada Olombendo, for the East Hub Development Project where first oil is planned by the first half of 2017. The West Hub Project came onstream in 2016. East Hub includes 9 subsea wells in a water depth of 450m. Partners are Sonangol (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%).

May 2016: The Angola LNG project has restarted producing gas with first cargoes available soon on a tender. The LNG plant in Soyo, is a single-train facility able to produce 5.2 mm tons per year.

May 2016: Cobalt (operator, 40%) announced it has completed drilling on the Zalophus-1 pre-salt exploration well in offshore Block 20 as a condensate and gas discovery; its third discovery on Block 20. The rig is now completing operations on the Golfinho-1 pre-salt well. Partners are Sonangol (30%) and BP (30%).

Feb 2016: The $10 bn Angola LNG project is expected to ship its first cargo in the second quarter of 2016. The plant sent its first cargo in mid 2013 but was shut down in April 2014 after a rupture on a flare line. The single train Angola LNG plant including 7 tankers is a joint venture between Sonangol (22.8%), Chevron (36.4%), BP (13.6%), Eni (13.6%) and Total (13.6%).

Jan 2016: Eni (operator, 36.84%)has started production from the West Hub Development Project’s Mpungi field in offshore Block 15/06. This  follows the West Hub’s first oil from the Sangos field in Nov 2014 and the Cinguvu field in Apr 2015. Output will rise to 100,000 bbls of oil per day by mid 2016. Partners are Sonangol (36.84%) and SSI Fifteen (26.32%).


Nov 2015: Total and Sonangol will add around 30,000 bbls per day at the offshore Rosa field in Block 17 with 4 multi-phase high-pressure pumps.

Nov 2015: Chevron (operator, 15.75%) commenced production from the Lianzi field in a unitized zone shared with Congo (Brazzaville) in 900m of water. Oil is tied into the Benguela Belize–Lobito Tomboco platform in Angola’s Block 14. Partners are Cabinda Gulf Oil (15.5%), Total (26.75%), Angola Block 14 (10 %), Eni (10%), Sonangol (10%), SNPC (7.5%) and GALP (4.5%).

Jul 2015: Total has started up production from Dalia Phase 1A on offshore Block 17, developing additional reserves of 51 mm bbls. Theproject involves the drilling of seven infill wells tied back to the Dalia FPSO unit.

Jul 2015: Sonangol on Monday requested bids for 10 onshore blocks. Seven of the new blocks are in the Kwanza basin and 3 in the Congo Basin.

May 2015: Total has produced a cumulative 2 bn bbls from deep offshore Block 17. With the start up of CLOV, it has become Total’s most prolific block with production of over 700,000 bbls per day. Total operates 4 FPSOs on the production zones of Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor and CLOV.

Apr 2015: Production started from Kizomba Satellites phase 2 in 1,350m of water. It is a 190 mm bbl project tieing back the Kakocha, Bavuca and Mondo South fields to the Kizomba B and Mondo FPSO and producing 70,000 bbls of oil per day at peak, increasing Block 15 output to 350,000 bpd. ExxonMobil is operator (40%) with BP (26.67%), ENI (20%) and Statoil (13.33%).

Apr 2015: Eni (operator, 35%) began producing the Cinguvu oil field in the West Hub cluster Development Project, Block 15/06. It includes the Sangos (already in production), Cinguvu, Mpungi, Mpungi North and Vandumbu fields in water depths from 1,000 to 1,500m delivering into the N’Goma FPSO. Partners are Sonangol (35%), SSI Fifteen (25%) and Falcon (5%).

Mar 2015: Angola will offer 15 deep water blocks and 10 onshore blocks in the licensing round scheduled for 2015. Oil production in 2014 averaged 1,671,673 barrels of oil per day, a reduction of 2.6% from 2013. Sonangol reported net income of $710 million for the full year 2014, down from $3 billion in 2013.

Feb 2015: Angola plans to increase its oil production by 20% in 2015 after output was down 2.6% in 2014. Gas output fell 29% owing to mechanical problems at its  LNG plant. Sonangol plans to restart LNG exports by the end of 2015 and boost oil production to 2 mm bbls per day in 2016.

Jan 2015: Eni (operator, 35%) with Sonangol (35%), SSI Fifteen (25%) and Falcon (5%) obtained a 3-year extension to Block 15/06 including a commitment to drill 3 wells . The extension includes  the nearby Reco-Reco discovery. Block 15/06 was acquired in 2006 and started production at West Hub in 2014. East Hub is expected to start in 2017.


Dec 2014: Eni has started production from the West Hub Development Project in Block 15/06 through the N’Goma FPSO. Oil output will ramp-up to 100,000 bbls per day. The East Hub in 2017 will raise production to 200,000 bbls per day. Eni is operator with 35% with Pesquisa e Producao (35%), SSI Fifteen (25%) and Falcon (5%).

Oct 2014: Angola LNG will not now restart until late 2015. A rupture on a flare line shut the plant down after less than a year of operation. An unofficial estimate for the cost of the project is now at least US$12 bn.

Sep 2014: Eni made an oil discovery in  the Ochigufu well in Block 15/06 close to the Ngoma FPSO (West Hub project) in a water depth of 1337m. Eni is operator with 35% along with Sonangol (30%), SSI Fifteen (25%), Falcon (5%) and Statoil 5%).

Aug 2014: Part of the US$4bn Kaombo Field Project in Block 32 was awarded to Saipem by Total for the engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of 2 FPSOs converted from 2 VLCCs each with an oil treating capacity of 115,000 bbls per day and a storage capacity of 1.7 mm bbls. The first unit will be operational by 2017.

Jun 2014: Total has started the CLOV development (Cravo, Lirio, Orquidea and Violeta), the fourth FPSO on Block 17 after Girassol, Dalia and Pazflor. CLOV comprises 34 wells and 8 manifolds connected to an FPSO at water depths of over 1,100 m. The gas will be exported via a subsea pipeline to the Angola LNG plant. Total is operator with 40%, along with Statoil (23.33%), Esso (20%) and BP (16.67%).

May 2014: Chevron reports that a pipeline rupture that has forced the Angola LNG plant offline is expected to keep the facility out of action until mid 2015. Chevron (operator) has 36.4% with Sonangol (22.8%), Total, BP and ENI.

Apr 2014: Total (operator, 30%) will develop the Kaombo project in Block 32 in water depths of 1,500m after cutting investment to US$16bn. Fields include Gindungo, Gengibre, Canela, Mostarda, Louro and Salsa in the centre and southeast linked to 2 FPSOs with capacity of 100,000 bbls per day. Partners are Sonangol (20%), China Sonangol (20%), Exxon (15%), Marathon (10%) and Galp (5%).

Feb 2014: The Orca-1 pre-salt well in Block 20 of the Kwanza Basin has been declared an oil discovery. Resource potential is estimated at between 400 and 700 mm barrels. Cobalt (40%) is operator with partners BP (30%) and Sonangol (30%).

Jan 2014: Cobalt has announced an oil discovery in a 56m syn-rift interval of the Bicuar #1A pre-salt deep water well in Block 21, Kwanza Basin. Cobalt is operator with 40%, along with Sonangol, Nazaki Oil and Gaz, and Alper Oil. The well was drilled in just 59 days.

Jan 2014: Sonangol plans to launch a tender process for onshore oil exploration licences in 7 new blocks in the Kwanza basin and 3 in the Lower Congo basin. Angola extracts almost all its oil from offshore but wants to develop its onshore potential. The government approved a round for 15 onshore blocks in 2013 with 5 reserved for Sonangol.


Oct 2013: Angola LNG is producing at 20% of capacity but planned to be at full capacity by the end of 2014. Chevron is operator (36.4%) with Sonangol (22.8%) and Total, BP and Eni (all 13.6%). The project was delayed by problems including sinking of the jackup linking Chevron's Block 0 and 14 with the plant. Total's Block 17 is the main supplier and BP's Block 31 is also supplying some of the gas.

Jun 2013: Sonangol intends to auction 54 exploration blocks in the Congo, Kwanza and Namibe basins by 2015. The first 15 blocks will be proposed in late 2013, in the Lower Congo Basin, Soyo area, and in the Kwanza Basin, all onshore.

Jun 2013: Production has begun at the Angola LNG project with the first cargo expected in June. The Chevron-operated 5.2 mm tonne per annum project has seen start-up postponed by over a year. Chevron has a 36.4% stake along with Sonangol (22.8%) and Total, BP and Eni (all with 13.6%).

Apr 2013: BP’s PSVM project, located in the north east sector of Block 31, 400 kms north west of Luanda, has come in $4bn over its original $10bn budget after being delayed by a year. The development uses an FPSO which was converted from a crude oil tanker in Singapore. BP owns 27% and is operator. Production start up was on 6 December 2012.

Mar 2013: Eni has made its ninth oil discovery in Block 15/06, adding to the West Hub project. Called Vandumbu, it is located 150 kms from the coast at a water depth of 976m. Eni is operator of Block 15/06 with 35% with SSI Fifteen (25%), Sonangol (15%), Total (15%), Falcon (5%) and Statoil (5%).

Feb 2013: Chevron will proceed with the US$5.6 bn Mafumeira Sul project in 60m of water producing first oil in 2015 with a peak of 110,000 bbls of oil plus 10,000 bbls of LPGs per day. The project includes 50 wells, two WH platforms and a central processing facility. Gas will go to the LNG plant. Mafumeira Norte, onstream in 2009, produces 40,000 bbls per day. Chevron (Cabinda Gulf) is operator (39.2%). Partners are Sonangol (41%), Total (10%) and ENI (9.8%).

Feb 2013: Exports from Angola's LNG project are not expected until the second quarter of 2013. The 5.2 mm tonne per year project led by Sonangol and Chevron has been delayed several times. Angola LNG has access to seven LNG carriers but five of these are not available available. In addition  the LNG project is facing challenges due to the growth of the indigenous natural gas market in the USA. BP, ENI and Total hold 13.6% in the project, while Sonangol holds 22.8% and Chevron 36.4%.

Jan 2013: BP started production from the 4-field PSVM development in Block 31. It will produce 70,000 bbls per day, doubling over 2013. PSVM has an FPSO with initial production from the Plutao field before the Saturno, Venus and Marte fields come onstream. The fields were discovered between 2002 and 2004 in water depths of up to 2000m. A total of 40 production, gas and water injection wells will be connected through 15 subsea manifolds and associated subsea equipment.


Oct 2012:  Eni, operator of block 15/06 offshore Angola, awarded a US$50 mm contract to Aker Solutions for the West Hub development project. Work scope will include engineering, procurement, fabrication and supply steel tube umbilicals as well as the associated equipment and peripherals. Delivery is for first Q1 2014. West Hub will draw from the Sangos, Ngoma and Cinguvu fields.

Sep 2012: Maersk (operator), Sonangol and Odebrecht discovered oil in the Caporolo-1 well in the Lower Congo Basin. Caporolo-1 is a step-out 13 kms from the Chissonga discovery in Block 16. A production test was conducted with a maximum rate of 3,000 bbls a day. The well is in the western sector of Block 16, 300 kms NW of Luanda, drilled in 1,235 m of water using a semisub.

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