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May 8, 2020,


‘The Stream Lost in the Sand’ is a thriller about oil by the owner of the oil, gas, and activity forecasting company, Globalshift.

Michael Smith, owner of Globalshift, has written a dramatic fictional adventure set in the world of oil exploration, founded on his first-hand knowledge of the industry.

Events take place in the 1990s, taking the reader on a thrilling journey from Houston to London, and to the Republic of Yemen - where an ordinary geologist struggles with corporate crime and corrupt politicians in the midst of a drilling project in the desert.

Michael Smith, the author of ‘The Stream Lost in the Sand’, and CEO of Globalshift has spent most of his career working as a geoscientist and manager with oil companies and consultants. He has worked on oil and gas projects in nearly every region of the world.

Although his earlier writing was non-fiction, covering global issues of oil and gas related to geology, engineering and economics, he has now ventured into fiction, with a story drawn from real life experiences in disparate locations around the world.

Benjamin Bone used to work on oil rigs but has lately been running from reality and responsibility. Now he hopes a new job will get him back on track - a job with an American company drilling a remote multi-million dollar oil well in a dry river valley beneath the towering cliffs of the Yemeni plateau.

But instead of work he is plunged into a terrifying world of corporate crime and cut-throat politicians. Framed for murder and sought by gangsters and the police, his only hope is to flee to Yemen to find out what is really happening out there in the desert.

In a backdrop of encroaching civil war, Benjamin is caught up in a deadly clash of feudal clans, ambitious politicians, corrupt company officials, and people just trying to do their high risk jobs.

And while someone will do anything to keep him quiet, Benjamin is hurtling towards disaster.

‘The Stream Lost in the Sand’ is available from Amazon at

About Globalshift:

Globalshift describes oil and gas - location, geology, history, and future. Its website offers insights into the oil and gas industry as well as histories and forecasts of future reserves, production and activity. All information and data is available free at

The company believes in a simple tenet - the world must reduce its use of fossil fuels in a changing world. To this end it encourages independent and realistic analysis of the future of oil and gas, unfettered by wishful thinking or dogma.


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