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No significant news in 2024.


Jul 2023: Woodside has performed a cost review of the Sangomar Field Development Phase 1 as remedial works are required on the FPSO facility. First oil is now targeted for mid-2024 and the total project cost is expected to cost up to US$5.2 bn. The overall project is 88% complete.


No significant news in 2022.


Jul 2021: The drillship Ocean Black Rhino started drilling 23 wells for the Sangomar field development Phase 1. Operator Woodside also said the Ocean Black Hawk would join the drilling campaign in mid-2022. In Dakar, construction and commissioning have finished of support facilities for the project, and the refit of the FPSO Léopold Sédar Senghor continues.


Jul 2020: Cairn has entered into an agreement to sell to Lukoil its entire 40% interest in the Rufisque Offshore, Sangomar Offshore and Sangomar Deep Offshore (RSSD) contract areas for up to $400 mm plus reimbursement of development capital expenditure incurred since 1 January 2020.

Apr 2020: BP has declared force majeure on its Tortue LNG project with Golar LNG. It will not be ready to receive the floating unit in 2022 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lease and operate agreement was signed in February 2019.

Mar 2020: The Woodside-operated Sangomar project joint venture is working to reduce and re-phase capital expenditure. A broader review for 2020 and future years is ongoing. The project is likely to be delayed from its original start date of 2023.

Jan 2020: The Ministere du Petrole et des Energies and the Societe des petroles du Senegal (Petrosen) will launch the 2020 Senegal Licensing Round at the end of January 2020. It comprises 12 blocks in the offshore MSGBC Basin. Applications should be delivered by July 2020.

Jan 2020: The government has approved the Rufisque Offshore, Sangomar Offshore, and Sangomar Deep Offshore (RSSD) joint venture Exploitation Plan for the Sangomar field. The development concept is a stand-alone FPSO with 23 subsea wells and a production capacity of 100,000 bbls per day. First oil is targeted for 2023.


Dec 2019: BP has confirmed significant gas resources offshore Senegal (and Mauritania) that could lead to new offshore developments. It sanctioned the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim Phase 1 in December 2018 but successful results at Orca-1 and Yakaar-2 could lead to a new LNG hub exploiting Bir Allah/Orca (Mauritania) and Yakaar-Teranga in Senegal.

Dec 2019: The Rufisque Sangomar and Sangomar Deep (RSSD) joint venture has submitted  the final Sangomar Field (formerly SNE) Development and Exploitation Plan to the Government. It outlines a multi-phase development with plans for 485mm bbls of oil and 25 bcm of gas. Woodside (35%) is the operator, with Cairn (40%), FAR (15%) and Petrosen (10%).

Nov 2019: Petrosen will open the country’s 1st Licensing Round in January 2020, running to July 2020. It will comprise 10 offshore exploration blocks, mostly in ultra-deepwater in the MSGBC (Mauritania, Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry) Basin. This has a number of recent oil and gas discoveries across numerous play types.

Sep 2019: BP (operator) with Kosmos and Petrosen drilled 30m of net gas pay in the Cenomanian reservoir of the Yakaar-2 appraisal well, drilled 9 kms south of the Yakaar-1 discovery in 2,500m of water in the Cayar Offshore Profond block. Phased development of Yakaar-Teranga is planned.

Aug 2019: Woodside, operator of the Rufisque Offshore, Sangomar Offshore and Sangomar Deep Offshore (RSSD) joint venture, awarded Halliburton contracts for drilling and completion of 18 wells (over 3 years) for the SNE Field Development (Phase 1). Starting in early 2021, Phase 1 is an FPSO with subsea infrastructure to produce up to 100,000 bbls of oil per day from 2022, moored at a water depth of 800m.

Jul 2019: BP has drilled the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim-1 well (GTA-1) in 2,500m of water on the eastern anticline within the unit development area of Greater Tortue. It encountered 30m of net gas pay in the Albian reservoir. The LNG project will deliver first gas in the first half of 2022.


Dec 2018: BP (operator, 60% in Senegal) and Kosmos (30%) will develop the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim gas field using FLNG to produce 2.5 mm tonnes of LNG per year. The field is also located off Mauritania. First gas is expected in 2022. Societe des Petroles du Senegal holds 10%.

Oct 2018: The deepwater SNE field is on track for first oil in 2022. The world’s largest oil discovery in 2014, Phase 1 will target 240 mm bbls via 26 subsea wells using an FPSO with production at 100,000 bbls per day. Phases 2 and 3 will recover 130 and 120 mm bbls with up to 34 wells 2 years after Phase 1. The FAN series of wells will later tieback to the SNE hub.

Feb 2018: Kosmos confirmed that the governments of Mauritania and Senegal have signed an Inter-Governmental Cooperation Agreement (ICA) enabling the development of the cross-border Tortue gas field (50:50 split). An FID for the Greater Tortue project is expected at the end of 2018 with first gas for conversion to LNG in 2021.

Feb 2018: Kosmos (30%), BP (60%) and Petrosen (10%) announced that the Requin Tigre-1 well in the Saint Louis Offshore Profond block was dry. Requin Tigre is the last well in the 2nd phase of exploration of the deepwater Cretaceous off Mauritania and Senegal targeting basin floor fan structures. Only one success (Yakaar) has been made in the 4 wells in this phase.


Aug 2017: Cairn has discovered oil and gas in the SNE North-1 exploration well, completing its 5-well exploration drilling campaign for 2017. The well is located in 1000m of water in the Sangomar Deep block, 15 kms north of the SNE-1 discovery. 

Jul 2017: Cairn announced that the FAN South-1 well in 2,175m of water in the Sangomar Deep Offshore block encountered oil-bearing Lower Cretaceous turbidite sandstones. The well is 30 kms south west of the FAN-1 well. The rig will now drill the SNE North prospect, 15 kms north of the SNE-1 discovery well in 900m water depth.

May 2017: Kosmos and BP have made a gas discovery in well Yakaar-1 within the Cayar Offshore Profond block in nearly 2,545m of water. Together with the Teranga – 1 discovery it could support a second LNG hub in addition to one being planned for Tortue. An appraisal program is being planned to delineate the Yakaar discovery.

Mar 2017: Cairn has drilled the VR-1 well, 5 kms west of the SNE-1 discovery. It intersected a 97m gross oil column across multiple reservoirs, linked to SNE. The well is the 8th successful well to be drilled offshore Senegal since drilling commenced in 2014.  

Feb 2017: Woodside, who will take over operatorship from Cairn, expects first oil from the SNE field before 2023. Two appraisal wells will drilled in 2017. The SNE field is estimated to contain 560 mmbbls with a plateau production rate of up to 120,000 bbls oil per day. The FID has yet to be made.


Sep 2016: The viability of the SNE field has been confirmed by Far (15%) after it announced 2C reserves of 641 mmbbls. Cairn is operator with 40%, along with ConocoPhillips (35%) and Petrosen (10%). The project is at the pre-FEED stage and development planning is underway using a standalone FPSO development with plateau production of 140,000 bbls per day commencing in 2022.

Aug 2016: Cairn (operator, 40%) plans to start a further offshore drilling campaign in the fourth quarter of 2016 in 3 blocks; Sangomar Deep, Sangomar Offshore and Rufisque Offshore. Partners are ConocoPhillips (35%), FAR (15%) and Petrosen (10%). They completed 4 wells in the SNE field in the first half of 2016 and currently estimate 473 mmbbls of reserves.

May 2016: Cairn announced that it has encountered a 32° API oil column at the SNE-4 appraisal well confirming the correlation and presence of principal reservoir units between each of the wells across the whole SNE field.

May 2016: Kosmos announced that the Teranga-1 exploration well, in the Cayar Offshore Profond block, 65 kms northwest of Dakar in 1,790m of water has made a significant gas discovery. The well drilled 31m of net gas pay in good quality reservoir in the Lower Cenomanian.The gas fairway thus extends from Marsouin (Mauritania) through Greater Tortue to Teranga.

Apr 2016: Cairn announced the Bellatrix (BEL)-1 well failed to find oil in its exploration target but confirms the extension of reservoirs in the northern area of the SNE field. The rig will now drill SNE-4, 5kms southeast of the SNE-1 discovery well.

Mar 2016: Cairn confirmed that the SNE-3 appraisal well has flowed thousands of barrels of 32 degree API oil in 2 drill stem tests within its upper reservoirs. At the end of the third quarter of 2015 Cairn presented a program and budget for 3 further wells in Senegal for 2016/2017.

Jan 2016: Kosmos announced that its Guembeul-1 well in 2,700m of water in the northern part of the St. Louis Offshore Profond license area has made a gas discovery 5 kms south of, and in communication with, the Tortue-1 gas discovery (renamed Ahmeyim) in Mauritania.


Sep 2015: Cairn Energy (operator, 40%)  has begun a 3D seismic survey over its Sangomar Deep, Sangomar and Rufisque permits. Partners are FAR (15%), ConocoPhillips (35%) and Petrosen (10%). Final processed products are to be delivered in mid 2016.

Aug 2015: Cairn (operator, 40%), ConocoPhillips (35%), FAR (15%) and Petrosen(10%) have approved a 3-well offshore drilling plan in 3 blocks (Sangomar Deep, Sangomar Offshore and Rufisque Offshore). The first two are appraisals, SNE-2 and SNE-3, in Sangomar Deep while the third well, BEL-1, is an exploration well on the Bellatrix prospect.

May 2015: Cairn has submitted a  3-year work plan including 3 firm and 3 optional E & A wells with drilling starting in Q4 2015 using the Ocean Athena 7th generation dual activity drillship. Cairn estimates that the SNE and FAN discoveries plus the prospects and leads have a mean risked resource base of more than a billion barrels.

Apr 2015: In Mauritania Kosmos Energy announced that the Tortue-1 well in 2,700m of water has made a  gas discovery in the Lower Cenomanian objective. The structure is part of the Greater Tortue Complex which extends into  the St. Louis Offshore Profond Block in Senegal.

Apr 2015: Cairn (operator) and its partners are planning a first phase work program to evaluate the SNE-1 and FAN-1 discoveries including 2 appraisal wells on SNE and one exploration well to assess a shelf prospect. SNE-1 and FAN-1 were the first wells to be drilled in deep waters .

Feb 2015: Tender Oil & Gas signed a PSC with the Ministry of Energy and Petrosen for 2 onshore blocks (Saloum and Senegal Onshore Sud). TOG holds a 90% interest with Petrosen holding the remaining 10%.

Jan 2015: Cairn (operator, 40%) is working with the Government and its JV partners to prepare a 2015 multi- well offshore appraisal and exploration program. Analysis of the SNE-1 and FAN-1 discoveries is proceeding.


Nov 2014: Cairn (operator, 40%), with ConocoPhillips (35%), FAR (15%) and Petrosen (10%), announced the SNE-1 well in 1,100m of water has discovered oil in a similar fan sequence to that of the earlier well, FAN-1.

Oct 2014: Oryx acquired 85% in the AGC Central license in water depths from 100m to 1,500m within the joint AGC area of Senegal and Guinea Bissau. L’Entreprise AGC holds  15%. In the first 3-year exploration phase 750  sq kms of 3D seismic will be acquired. Oryx also operates the AGC Shallow area in water depths up to 100m where the first well is expected in 2015.

Oct 2014: Cairn (operator, 40%) with ConocoPhillips (35%), FAR (15%) and Petrosen (10%) announced the FAN-1 well in 1,427m of water has discovered oil. Located 100 kms offshore in the Sangomar Deep block the well was targeting multiple fans.  On completion of FAN-1 the semisub will move to complete the second well on the block (SNE-1).

Oct 2014: The national oil company Petrosen is to sign a US$400 mm farm-in agreement with Kosmos Energy (operator, 60%) and Timis Corporation (30%) for its deep water Cayar and St. Louis blocks in the northern part of the country. Kosmos will initially undertake a 3D seismic survey in both blocks and then drill 2 exploration wells.

Sep 2014: Dolphin Geophysical has commenced the acquisition of a 7,000 sq kms 3D offshore seismic survey for Kosmos Energy. It will take 4 months to complete.

Apr 2014: FAR reports that drilling has commenced on well, FAN-1 in 1,500m of water, in which FAR holds 15%  along with Cairn (operator, 40%), ConocoPhillips (35%) and Petrosen (10%). The well will test a stacked fan structure using the Cajun Express semisub. FAN-1 will be followed by a second well (SNE-1) targeting a shelf edge prospect in 1,100m of water.

Feb 2014: FAR will participate in drilling 2 back-to-back wells, the first in Q1 2014. FAR announced 2 farm-in agreements in 2013 with ConocoPhillips and Cairn securing full funding for the wells, costing around US$200 mm in total. FAR retains 15% with ConocoPhillips (35%) and Cairn, as operator (40%). Petrosen, the National Oil Company, has a 10% carried interest.


Jul 2013: FAR has completed a second farm in agreement on its offshore permits with ConocoPhillips. A two well drilling program using the Cajun Express semi-sub will now test a shelf play and a deeper water fan play beginning in the first half of 2014. The deal follows FAR’s previously announced agreement with Cairn in March 2013. FAR retains a 15% interest.

Mar 2013: Cairn Energy has acquired 59.2% and operatorship of 3 contiguous blocks offshore Senegal, Rufisque, Sangomar and Sangomar Deep, which are currently operated by FAR Limited with Petrosen. Cairn will fully fund one exploration well to an investment cap and pay 72.2% of costs incurred on the blocks by FAR to date. The blocks cover an area of 7,490 sq kms over the Mauritania-Senegal-Guinea-Bissau Basin.

Jan 2013: Elenilto is to explore an offshore block in Senegal after being granted operatorship. The company will acquire 3D seismic on the southern Senegal Offshore Sud shallow oil block covering 7,920 sq kms in the Casamance basin. Petrosen is a minority stakeholder.

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