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Sep 2021: Africa Oil (operator) provided an update on its 10BB and 13T development project. A higher oil production plateau of 120,000 bbls of oil per day is now planned with  oil recovery of 585 mm bbls. The operator is strategic partners for the project ahead of a Final Investment Decision. The first phase will be made up of the Ngamia, Ekales, Amosing and Twiga fields (NEAT).


May 2020: Africa Oil announced that Tullow, operator of Blocks 10BB and 13T submitted notices of force majeure to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining due to the impact of  COVID-19 on operations. It will give time for an improvement in the operating environment and discussions on the best way forward.


Jun 2019: The Kenyan government has signed agreements with Total, Tullow and Africa Oil to develop a 60,000-80,000 bbls per day oil processing facility for discoveries in Blocks 10BB and 13T in the South Lokichar Basin. The partners will secure financing for an export pipeline.


May 2018: The government is negotiating with potential investors to build a pipeline that will link oil fields in the north to a port at Lamu. The project is expected to cost US$1.1 bn. The country is also set to start an early oil project in the Turkana region, ramping up from 500 bbls per day to 2,000 bbls per day for storage in tanks and trucking to Mombasa.

Feb 2018: Africa Oil (25%), Tullow (operator, 50%) and Maersk (25%) propose that the Amosing and Ngamia fields in the South Lokichar basin (Blocks 10BB and 13T) be developed with a CPF and pipeline to Lamu. First stage (first oil in 2022) will include 280 wells producing at a plateau rate of 60,000 to 80,000 bbls of oil per day, rising to 100,000 in additional stages as new fields are added.


May 2017: Tullow (operator, 50%), with Africa Oil (25%) and Maersk (25%), announced that the Emekuya-1 well in the northern part of the South Lokichar Basin in Block 13T has encountered oil in 2 Miocene sandstones. The well is located 2.5 kms north of Etom-2 and was drilled to a fault block on the flank of the Etom structure. The main oil reservoir is on the same pressure gradient as Etom.

Jan 2017: Tullow announced that the Erut-1 well in Block 13T has discovered oil at the northern limit of the South Lokichar basin, 10 kms north of the Etom-2 well. Tullow operates Blocks 13T and 10BB (50%) with Africa Oil (25%) and Maersk Oil (25%)


Oct 2016: Tullow is seeking trucking companies to transport oil from a production facility near Lokichar in the northwest to Mombasa, hoping to export its first oil by mid-2017.

Mar 2016: Tullow (operator, 40%) announced that the Cheptuket-1 well in Block 12A has encountered good oil shows. Cheptuket-1 is the first well to test the Kerio Valley Basin and is the most significant well outside the South Lokichar basin. Partners are Delonex (40%) and Africa Oil (20%).


Dec 2015: Tullow (operator, 50%) and Africa Oil (50%) announced the Etom-2 well in Block 13T encountered 102m of net oil pay - the best quality reservoir so far encountered in the South Lokichar Basin. The rig will move to Block 12A to spud Cheptuket-1 in the Kerio Valley Basin.

Nov 2015: Tullow and Africa Oil have drilled the successful Amosing-5A and Twiga-3 appraisal wells and spudded the Emesek-1 well in the undrilled North Lokichar Basin. The rig will then move to drill Etom-2 and then Cheptuket-1 in Block 12A in the undrilled Kerio Valley Basin. FEED for discoveries in the South Lokichar Basin is expected to commence in 2016.

Apr 2015: The appraisal program in the South Lokichar Basin continues. Amosing-1 and Amosing-2 wells have been completed and are being prepared for an EWT. Amosing-4 , Ekales-2, Ngamia-7 and Ngamia-8 appraisal wells also discovered oil with Ngamia being prepared for an EWT. Collaboration between Kenya and Uganda on an oil export pipeline is in progress.


Aug 2014: Tullow Oil (operator, 50%) has announced the discovery of oil in the Etom-1 well in Block 13T; the most northerly well drilled in the South Lokichar basin, 6.5 kms north of the Agete-1 discovery. The well will be suspended and the rig will move to drill the Kodos-1 well to test the first prospect in the neighbouring Kerio Basin. Africa Oil is partner with 50%.

Jun 2014: Africa Oil has made a gas discovery in onshore Block 9. Sala-1, drilled along the northern basin bounding fault in the Cretaceous Anza graben, encountered several sandstone intervals which had oil and gas shows and tested dry gas. Africa Oil is  operator of Block 9 (50%) along with Marathon (50%). The company has 4 rigs active in the South Turkana Basin where oil discoveries have previously been announced.

Apr 2014: Tullow Oil and Africa Oil aim to submit development plans to the Kenyan government in late 2015 for their oil discoveries in the South Lokichar basin. Tullow currently plans appraisal drilling and testing and analysis of a potential pipeline to Lamu on the coast.

Jan 2014: Tullow has announced oil discoveries at the Amosing-1 and Ewoi-1 wells in Block 10BB, updating its estimate of discovered oil in the basin to 600 mm bbls. The wells will be suspended for future flow testing. Tullow operates Block 10BB with 50% along with Africa Oil (50%). The partnership hopes to obtain sanction for development, including an export pipeline, by 2016.

Jan 2014: BG has spudded exploration well Sunbird-1 in 721m of water within Licence area L10A using the drillship Deepsea Metro 1. The well is planned to take 60 days and is the first test of a Miocene Pinnacle Reef offshore East Africa and the first exploration well in L10A in the Lamu Basin. BG is operator (50%) along with PTTEP (31.25%) and Pancontinental (18.75%).


Nov 2013: Tullow Oil has announced the Agete-1 exploration well in Block 13T has discovered oil with an estimated 100m of net oil pay in sandstone reservoirs. Agete-1 is the fifth consecutive oil discovery in multiple rift basins on trend with the Twiga South, Ekales, and Ngamia discoveries. Tullow is operator with 50% along with Africa Oil (50%).  

Sep 2013: Tullow Oil has announced that the Ekales-1 well in Block 13T is an oil discovery, the fourth in the basin since 2012. Ekales-1 is located between the Ngamia-1 and Twiga South-1 discoveries. Tullow is operator with 50% along with Africa Oil (50%). Tullow aim to drill 12 further wells over the next year.

Jul 2013: Tullow Oil has announced that oil has been discovered in the Etuko Prospect in the Lokichar Basin in Block 10BB. The well was located on a tilted fault block target on the Flank Play on the eastern side of the basin.

Jul 2013: Africa Oil has announced that the Ngamia-1 well on Block 10BB has tested 3,200 bbls per day of light oil accumulated over 6 DST's. The operator, Tullow, reports that the Ngamia and Twiga fields could contain over 250 mm bbls of recoverable oil. Appraisal wells and seismic will be undertaken over the next year and the rig will move to the nearby Ekales location.

May 2013: Kenya could be 6 years away from becoming an oil producing nation the IMF said. However, Tullow emphasises that more wells would need to be drilled before any assurances could be made about when commercial production could start. Only 3 successful wells have been drilled so far. Nevertheless out of 46 blocks since made available, 45 have been licensed to 23 international oil companies including Statoil and BG.

Feb 2013: Tullow Oil has announced the suspension of the Paipai exploration well for ongoing evaluation. The well in Block 10A has encountered light oils in a sandstone reservoir of Cretaceous age in the Anza Basin but these could not be recovered. Tullow has a 50% operated interest in Block 10A, with Africa Oil (30%) and Afren (20%).


Nov 2012: Tullow has announced that the Twiga South well in onshore Block 13T has discovered light oil. Three sandstone reservoirs analogous to Ngamia were encountered. Twiga South is 22kms north of Ngamia and only the second prospect to be tested in the Lokichar Basin as part of a drilling campaign in Kenya and Ethiopia. Tullow has a 50% interest with Africa Oil (50%).

Sep 2012: A gas discovery has been reported in the Apache-operated Mbawa well in the offshore L8 licence area. The well encountered 52 net metres of gas pay in Cretaceous sandstones. However, the find may be insufficiently large for commercial development. The L8 JV consortium consists of Apache (50%), Origin Energy (20%), Pancontinental (15%) and Tullow (15%).

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