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Purchase oil and gas historical and forecast datafiles* for a range of categories. Files contain a dataset for every country and region. The numbers are presented in Excel worksheets with historic numbers fromthe year 1970, forecast to the year 2040, in a clear, easy-to-use, format. All files cost UK£125 or less (approximately US$160 or EU€140).

You can directly purchase the files with a Paypal account. The the latest updated file will be emailed to you as soon as possible after receipt of your order.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Datafiles - General files

Use our low-cost general datafiles to evaluate the future value of assets and develop strategies and policies, saving time and money

General Series

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All sales gases delivered by pipeline

All sales gases delivered as LNG

All oil consumption

In development

In development

In development

All gas consumption

In development

Datafiles (all files cover the years 1970 to 2040)

All these files are also available in any year range from 1900 to 2050.

Other category splits can be purchased including all categories in one file for a single country or region.

Please contact us for details and prices.

An Excel template* showing the delivery format can be downloaded below:

Production series template

* We suggest you review methods and categories pages in this website before ordering - in addition to downloading the template.

Production files

Well files

General files